Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthdays are always a big deal

There is something uneasy about a birthday that passes by, the stars align, and life could not be more perfect. I have a job with endless opportunities and never-ending learning opportunities, I recently moved in with the love of my life, my family lives close enough to visit at any-time I please, and I live 3 blocks from the beach in Santa Monica!!

I hate to be pessimistic, but I feel like things are going too good. Like somehow I don't deserve all of this, and that at any moment someone will realize my mistaken good fortune and will take it all back.

But, what can I do other than revel in it while i'm on cloud 9. Let's just say 'I hope I never come down'.

Here's to 26. May it be the best year yet and good fortune staying on my side.. for as long as it can!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Midi-Ring

I cannot decide if I will fully adopt the midi-ring (mainly because of my job i.e. typing all day on a computer + Midi Rings= Annoying). BUT everyone I see with them I am kind of obsessed. Basically I have dozens in my shopping cart in a variety of my favorite stores right now.. but I just cannot decide on which one!

Here is a snap shot of my shopping cart favorites:

Go Jane Mini Ring Set

Urban Outfitters Midi Ring

Have you adopted the trend?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

RWB (Red White & Blue)

4th of July is only a few days away! I have my fingers crossed June gloom will be long gone and the sun will be out for a perfect summer weekend. And... It is a three day weekend!!

Pool time, and Kayaking in Marina del Rey are my set plans for the 4th, so I had to pick the perfect bathing suit/hat combo for the day that were functional, comfortable and kept my face out of the sun!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mission Impossible: Find the Perfect Dress

I have been to 2 weddings so far this year and I have 3 more on the agenda this summer. Unfortunately each wedding involves the same circle of friends--requiring a new dress. I always try to get my fair share of wears into each piece I buy, however when weddings are on back to back weekends and 90% of the same people will be attending I feel it is necessary to buy a new piece. (Guys have it so easy.. they just put on a different tie!).

I'm now finding myself on the impossible mission of finding a dress that is both wedding guest appropriate, not too expensive and fits like a glove. (I do not feel like spending a bunch in tailoring!)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

To Felt or Not to Felt....

Finding the perfect summer hat is always a difficult challenge, but for me in particular it is a huge step out of the box, because I’m really not much of a hat person. I really only have one knitted cap that I wear to the snow, and even then, I only pull it on if my ears cannot take the cold for one second more.

With my recent move closer to the beach though, I am making a commitment to soak up the sandy paradise while it is only 3 blocks away. I mean…I moved closer to the beach for a reason, right? So now that it is warming up, sun here I come!

Now comes the “becoming an adult” part of enjoying the sun I have to adjust to. Dreaded sun damage!! Wrinkles, sunspots and leathery skin are three things I want to avoid in my later years, and as I am already seeing premature wrinkling (my moms esthetician says its because I’m "too expressive" with my forehead… lame), a big floppy hat is the best way to minimize those dreaded sun related aging issues.

Now the true question: To felt or not to felt? With the likelihood that water will somehow sneak its way onto this summer hat, I am worried a felt hat may not be the best alternative. But straw hats cannot be easily rolled and packed into a beach tote. 

Decisions decisions... what would you recommend?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

LA Marathon Inspiration

Today my boyfriend and two good friends of ours ran and completed the LA Marathon. Now it is my mission to run it next year. Although it is chaotic and a mess to train, I have decided to kick my butt into gear and get into shape this year.