Saturday, April 26, 2014

To Felt or Not to Felt....

Finding the perfect summer hat is always a difficult challenge, but for me in particular it is a huge step out of the box, because I’m really not much of a hat person. I really only have one knitted cap that I wear to the snow, and even then, I only pull it on if my ears cannot take the cold for one second more.

With my recent move closer to the beach though, I am making a commitment to soak up the sandy paradise while it is only 3 blocks away. I mean…I moved closer to the beach for a reason, right? So now that it is warming up, sun here I come!

Now comes the “becoming an adult” part of enjoying the sun I have to adjust to. Dreaded sun damage!! Wrinkles, sunspots and leathery skin are three things I want to avoid in my later years, and as I am already seeing premature wrinkling (my moms esthetician says its because I’m "too expressive" with my forehead… lame), a big floppy hat is the best way to minimize those dreaded sun related aging issues.

Now the true question: To felt or not to felt? With the likelihood that water will somehow sneak its way onto this summer hat, I am worried a felt hat may not be the best alternative. But straw hats cannot be easily rolled and packed into a beach tote. 

Decisions decisions... what would you recommend?


  1. I love I love hats but I seem to have a hard time finding ones that look good on me